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Royal Mail are warning about a scam involving 'missed delivery' cards.

The scam cards look similar to the ‘Something for You’ cards you get from Royal Mail when you have missed a delivery. They use the same colours, headings and layout. The only clear difference is the fake cards do not have the Royal Mail logo on them.

The cards ask you to call an 0208 number to re-book a free delivery, then you are put through to an automated message and asked to leave your details and ‘consignment number’. Victims have claimed that calling the number – which isn’t registered to Royal Mail – has cost over £45.

To protect yourself:

  • Look for the Royal Mail logo on the card.
  • Check the address and contact information on the card – does it match your local Post Office branch?
  • If you don’t recognise the name or address on the card or are not expecting a parcel from this address, ignore it.

Never call a number you don't recognise

If you would like to report a scam to us please use the REPORT IT page